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Friday Snapshots: A Lesson in Orchidology

Last week, I had the privilege of going on a unique new tour offered in Medellin, a tour of a facility that cultivates hydrangeas for exportation and whose owner is a passionate orchid collector and partner of the Colombian Society of Orchidology.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t make up the word Orchidology.  Go on, Google it, I know you want to.

Hydrangea crop, Entre Flores

Dwarfed by hydrangeas

The company, called Entre Flores, runs an excellent tour including a visit to the hydrangea crops, a gourmet lunch on their beautiful property, and a visit to the owner’s famed orchid collection to learn the ins and outs and ups and downs (my head was spinning by the end) of Orchidology.

You’ll be able to read about my full experience next week on Medellin Living but for now, a sneak peak at some of the gorgeous orchids we got to ogle throughout the day.Pink orchid Orange orchid Magenta orchid Green orchid Pink and yellow orchid Orange orchid Purple and green orchid

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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