5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Managua
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5 Things To Know Before Traveling To Managua

So, you’re traveling to Managua, Nicaragua?  Here are five things I wish I knew before heading there myself.

  • US dollars are widely accepted (taxis, grocery stores, hostels etc.), so don’t fret about exchanging everything to the local currency (Nicaraguan Córdoba) right away.  Don’t exchange at the airport, either–you’re likely to get a better rate in the city center.
  • A taxi ride anywhere within Managua should cost between 60-100 Córdoba (about $2.30-3.75 USD), or 180-200 (about $6.80-7.50 USD) between the city center and the airport.  Be suspicious of drivers who try to overcharge, and don’t be afraid to haggle.
  • Managua’s tap water is potable!  It doesn’t taste amazing, but you’ll save money and the environment by filling up your own reusable water bottle.
  • La Catedral de Santiago, or the Old Cathedral of Managua, is a worthwhile sight; this area can be dangerous though, so make sure not to wander east of the plaza and certainly don’t visit alone or at night.
  • In Managua, beer begs to be drank quickly–the weather is so hot, it’ll be lukewarm faster than you can say “Otra cerveza, por favor!”  You’ll be hard-pressed to find import beers in Nicaragua, so you’ll likely have to choose between the Nicaraguan brands Victoria or Toña–I much prefer the latter.

Have you been to Managua? What tips would you add?

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