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4 Simple Ways to Bring Hotel Luxury into Your Own Bedroom

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If you ask me, one of the best parts about taking a trip is spending a few nights in a gorgeous hotel.  You get to feel like a queen (or a king) for a short while, living lavishly in a beautifully crafted space that’s dedicated to your comfort and convenience.

A good design hotel will have me wrapped around its little finger in an instant; I’d much rather choose a hotel that’s so inviting I actually want to spend time there over one that I dread coming back to after a long day.  And there’s absolutely no reason our own bedrooms can’t be just as inviting.  After all, for most of us, trips are often few and far between.

And yet, creating an inviting space is a luxury we often deny ourselves at home–our own bedrooms should feel just as plush and tasteful as a five-star hotel!  By making a few simple tweaks, however, our own bedrooms can give us that sensation of being on vacation all the time, without ever leaving home.  Even though I haven’t yet found my “forever” home, you can bet that when I do, my bedroom will be a freakin’ sanctuary.  Don’t worry, I’ll invite you.5 Simple Ways to Bring Hotel Luxury Into Your Own Home

To give your own bedroom the feel of a luxury hotel, try making a few of these simple changes:

Simplify your design.

One thing I’ve always admired about luxury hotel rooms is their elegant simplicity of design.  They are never cluttered or overdone.  The colors play in perfect harmony, whether they’re calming blues and grays or neutrals paired with bright pops of color like orange or yellow.  The furniture pieces all complement one another, and even the wall art is simple and chic.  To mimic this look, find a color palette that you absolutely love and use it as your benchmark when adding new pieces; does it fit (or complement) your running color scheme?  If not, perhaps save it for another room.  In the bedroom, less is definitely more.

Luxury Feel at Home

Orange (and neutrals) everywhere!

Give your bed the royal treatment.

The bed is the centerpiece of any good luxury hotel room.  That’s why we are there, after all–to sleep!  And then to loll about for hours-on-end the next morning because we’re too comfy to leave.  Find a mattress that allows you the best rest possible–if you like a bed that consumes you like a jar of marshmallow puff, add a mattress topper and load up on fluffy pillows.  As for your linens, well, this is where you can really pull the look and feel of the room together. The linen and cotton sateen sheet sets, duvet covers and pillow shams in Frette’s spring collection are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen and are sure to make you feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud.

Luxury Feel at Home | Frette Linens

Linens by Frette

Treat your bathroom to a spa makeover.

I suddenly understand why Monica from Friends always kept “fancy soap” in the bathroom.  It’s these little details that create a feeling of luxury in your own home.  Same goes for nice towels, a pretty shower curtain, and keeping a small stash of bath products (bubble baths shouldn’t be reserved for vacations!) on hand.  As with the rest of your room, these items should fit your chosen aesthetic.  Mega bonus points if they smell nice, too.  If not, I suggest buying a scented candle to light every few days (or when taking your much-deserved bubble bath or mineral soak).  Finally, make sure you have a plush bathrobe for post-bath lounging.

Luxury Feel at Home

Fancy soap–not just for guests!

Let in a little nature.

The final two things that I think go a long way in making a room feel more like a luxury hotel are to make sure there is ample natural light and to add in a few splashes of greenery!  If you don’t have many windows, allow in as much light as possible by dressing them with sheer white curtains.  Lastly, find a nice potted plant or two that you can reasonably care for to add as final touches.  Succulents, for example, are super easy to maintain, don’t take up much room, and look gorgeous.  If you don’t think you can keep a plant alive, go for a fake one!  No one ever has to know (just remember to dust it once in awhile).

Luxury Feel at Home

Succulents are so…succulent.

What are your secrets to bringing a feeling of luxury into your home?

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  • Reply Eva Casey April 5, 2016 at 11:27 am

    I love this post 🙂 I’m constantly on the move right now, but I would love a place to call my own that I can make tailored to my desires! Hell, even a plush hotel room would fit the bill right now, but I’m a backpacker and can’t afford it! 😛 Luxe toiletries are definitely my downfall in the spending money category, though! I love a good candle!
    Eva Casey recently posted…7 More Spirited Solo Female Travelers To FollowMy Profile

    • Reply Leah Davis April 5, 2016 at 4:52 pm

      I know, I am just dreaming of the day I put down roots and start building my dream room…scented candles are a must! And maybe some pretty throw pillows and bath salts and… the list could go on!

  • Reply Mani @ A New Life Wandering April 5, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    To be honest, one of my favourite things about traveling is staying in hotels. I never thought about trying to decorate my room with that in mind. It’s a good idea but it would require spending more than I would like to, on linens and bath products. And to achieve the perfectly balanced tones and furniture it usually requires an interior designer. I guess you can start with little things though!
    Mani @ A New Life Wandering recently posted…Quintessentially Indian: 5 New Kurti Styles for Modern WomenMy Profile

    • Reply Leah Davis April 5, 2016 at 4:53 pm

      Yes, exactly! Start with the small things 🙂 My first purchases would be those succulents, I just LOVE the way they add life to a room!

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