Coffee around the world! You MUST try these unique combinations and pairings!
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Must-Try Coffee Servings Around the World

Coffee is consumed all over the world and is enjoyed by many different countries and cultures. It comes in a variety of different roasts, beans, and is prepared in several different ways.

If you consider yourself a coffee lover, you probably have your own unique way of preparing it to achieve your desired taste. You might pair it with different spices, such as vanilla or cinnamon, but would you ever consider adding butter or avocado?

Well, many some people do. Here are some of the world’s strangest coffee servings and pairings that you may want to try if you feel like spicing up your average cup of joe.

Coffee comes in a variety of choices

To first understand how many people serve and pair coffee around the world, we first need to understand how to choose a suitable coffee. Coffee is grown worldwide and comes in different roasts, ranging from light to dark roasts. These designations come from how long a coffee bean is roasted.

A darker roast means a coffee bean has been roasted longer until is almost charred. The resulting coffee bean consists of a much more flavorful and bold taste compared to coffee that hasn’t been roasted as long, also known as lighter roasts.

Many people choose to alter the taste by adding milk, cream, sugar, or spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla. These are certainly more conventional additives as you will usually find them served at your local coffee house.

But what about non-conventional pairings? If you are traveling to different parts of the world, the following are definitely worth experiencing.

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Must-Try Coffee Around the World

Café con Leche

The first serving which may be a bit different than you are used to is the Spanish Latte, or café con leche, which translates to coffee with milk. You can find this drink in many countries or places with Spanish origins such as Spain, Ecuador, or even Florida where the Latin American culture has a heavy influence.

Cafe con Leche, a popular way to drink coffee around the world

This recipe usually calls for a very strong coffee, often espresso served with hot milk. Variations can include serving the coffee with condensed milk or even serving hot milk with instant coffee.

In Cuba, they usually brew the coffee with sugar to enhance the taste of the coffee and usually yields a more frothy, creamier coffee.

If you have an intense sweet tooth, the Spanish latte is exactly what you need. Just make sure to take it in moderation as the caffeine levels and of course, sugar levels, are extremely high. It’s technically a dessert and coffee rolled into one.

Enjoying a ‘fika’ with butter

In Sweden, a common pastime is to enjoy coffee once a day with friends or family. Here, a common way to serve coffee is with butter. This strange pairing has become very popular all over the world.

Many people claim that adding butter actually increases their energy as it adds a significant amount of fats to the drink. This might be a good option for those who skip food with their morning coffee as it provides a quick way to get both caffeine and an intake of nutrients in the form of fat.

Bulletproof coffee, a popular coffee serving in Sweden

SewCream / Shutterstock

Along similar lines to adding butter, es alpukat kopi, is a popular drink served in Indonesia. This is prepared by adding avocado, vanilla, and condensed milk to coffee and serving it over ice.

Although avocados are a very polarizing food, they are considered a superfood because they contain unsaturated or healthy fats. Unsaturated fats have been shown to act as signaling molecules to reduce inflammation.

Those who love this drink say similar things about its ability to leave them feeling full of energy. They call it bulletproof coffee and it seems to be a rising fad.

Still, it is best to consult with a dietician whether or not you should consume that much butter on a daily basis. For coffee, 400mg max is the right amount.

Turkish Coffee

It is impossible to talk about unique coffee servings without mentioning Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is enjoyed all over the middle east and requires coffee to be brewed in a special type of pot, known as a cezve.

Coffee is ground to an extremely fine grind and is brewed unfiltered by combining the water and coffee in the pot.

Turkish Coffee, a must-try coffee serving around the world

It is sometimes brewed with sugar for a sweeter taste and is served in small cups. The taste is very strong and bold. If you want an intense caffeine boost, a cup of this will serve you will. Not only that, it has some pretty interesting stories behind it as well.

Because it is brewed unfiltered, coffee grinds sometimes settle at the bottom of the cup and can be used to tell your fortune by a Turkish fortune teller. This type of coffee can be a great way to enjoy your coffee and have a bit of entertaining fun.

Serving alcohol with coffee

To some people, adding alcohol to your coffee may seem a bit strange. The addition of alcohol to coffee originated in Ireland, which is home to Irish bars and pubs. That’s where the term ‘Irish coffee’ originated.

In most coffee shops, they add a shot of whiskey, but there are other options.

Irish Coffee with Whiskey, a popular alcoholic coffee drink

Eduard Zhukov / Shutterstock

Alcohol is generally consumed later in the day compared to coffee which is often consumed first thing in the morning. But if you are feeling adventurous you may try adding alcohol, such as Baileys Irish cream or Jameson, to your coffee.

It’s the perfect combination for cold weather as it will certainly warm you up. The most important consideration here is the type of alcohol and amount added to the coffee. You’ll want to choose an alcohol that is not too bitter and is mild in taste. You’ll also want to add no more than a shot to your coffee.

So the next time you are traveling or feeling more adventurous in your kitchen or want to change up your normal cup of coffee, why not try preparing and serving coffee a bit differently than your normal go-to.

That way the next time you are in Spain or the middle east, you will have no problem ordering and enjoying a café con leche or Turkish coffee like a pro!

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How do you like to enjoy your coffee around the world?Coffee around the world! You MUST try these unique combinations and pairings!

Sarah Jones of We Dream of Coffee

This is a guest post written by Sarah Jones.

Sarah has been writing about coffee for a while now, but she was surprised to discover that there is always more to it than meets the eye. Learn more about coffee and its preparation on her blog We Dream of Coffee.

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