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Uncommon Gifts That Are Actually Worth Giving This Year

With the passing of each holiday gift-giving season, I find myself becoming a more and more discerning gift giver.

A simple gift card won’t do (where’s the love in that?) and as much as I know most people in my life could use new socks, I’d much prefer to give them something they’d never think to buy for themselves.

Something they want, not something they need.

Something that delights in its quirkiness, or how well it speaks to the personality of the giftee in question. This requires more thought and attention to detail than the average gift, which is precisely what makes it so special.

In this year’s hunt for the gifts that no one expects, I’ve got a new ally in Uncommon Goods, a site built specifically with imaginative gifts in mind.

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The Uncommon Goods Story

You know those incredible markets you visit where it’s immediately apparent that everything was crafted with love? Where the artists are immeasurably passionate about their trade, often meticulously building each and every item by hand?

Where the items on sale are so unique, you’re unlikely to find something like it ever again?

Global gift basket at Uncommon Goods

Yeah, that’s the whole idea behind Uncommon Goods. To bring you the most unique, impeccably designed gifts from around the world for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Now, you don’t have to scour the country to find these lovingly-made products. Instead, Uncommon Goods has done all the legwork to bring the best creative designs right to your living room.

With an emphasis on sustainability and supporting independent creatives, doing your holiday shopping at Uncommon Goods is one way to stand behind causes you care about…without the prerequisite of putting on pants.

The Sweetest Way’s Uncommon Picks

I’ve spent a good amount of time browsing Uncommon Goods to highlight a few of the items that reflect The Sweetest Way’s interests and values (like travel, of course!). Here are my top picks:

  1. Collapsible Water Bottle (BPA-free!) – The smartest water bottle out there! Just one inch thick when collapsed for super easy traveling.
  2. Trio of Travel-Sized Hot Sauces (Vegan) – Because travelers need hot sauce too.
  3. Turkish Inspired Hand Woven Jewelry Roll – Keep your jewelry safe on trips with this beautiful roll handmade in Turkey.
  4. National Parks Explorer Map – Keep a tally of the parks you’ve visited with this fun interactive map!
  5. Wine Soaps (Vegan, Gluten-Free) – Because who doesn’t want to smell like a citrusy chardonnay??
  6. Anywhere Travel Guide – Make your next travel experience a true adventure by following these interactive prompts!
  7. World Explorer’s Coffee Sampler – A global quartet of meticulously roasted, single-origin coffee beans in a connoisseur-worthy sampler.

The Sweetest Way's picks from UncommonGoods.com

Find the Perfect Gifts with the Help of Sunny

So, how did I find all of these gifts so perfectly aligned with my travel, coffee, and wine-loving ways? Why, with the help of Sunny, of course!

Sunny. the AI gift expert at Uncommon Goods

Sunny is Uncommon Goods’ AI gift expert (and a cute little elephant to boot), and he’ll help you narrow down the store’s wide selection of goods by doing the hard work for you.

Just choose a few words that describe the person you’re shopping for and Sunny takes that info and runs with it! In the blink of an eye, you’ll have tailored gift selections based on their interests and likes.

Sunny. the AI gift expert at Uncommon Goods

You can even set the price range so Sunny won’t show you anything that’s outside of your budget. I honestly couldn’t believe how perfect the gifts were that Sunny suggested for me!

I starred the items I liked as I went and wound up with a list of things that I absolutely LOVED. And because it worked so well, I plan to do the rest of my holiday shopping with Sunny’s help, too.

Sunny. the AI gift expert at Uncommon Goods

So if you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas for that special someone, this is a perfect way to get out of that rut. But Sunny isn’t the only way to find the ideal gift…

Search Uncommon Goods By Category

From the Uncommon Goods homepage, you can easily navigate to the category that best suits your giftee. The personalized gift ideas at Uncommon Goods are some of my favorites because that personalized touch means your gift will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Shop by what’s most popular, shop holiday favorites, or shop for the traveler, the pet-lover, the chef, the gamer, or the bartender in your life. Browse the gifts for literary lovers, space geeks, or gardeners. You can even find the very best gifts for your best friend.

So no matter who’s on your Christmas list this year, Uncommon Goods has something they’ll fall in love with, making you their favorite gift giver ever (and doesn’t giving the perfect gift just feel so good??).

Who’s left on your holiday shopping list this year?Uncommon gift ideas for the traveler in your life! #holidaygiftguide #giftsfortravelers #travel #holidays #holidayshopping #christmas

Thank you to Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this post. Images courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

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