Packing Playlist, Volume 1: Swedish Jams
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The Packing Playlist, Volume 1

Packing has always been one of those things I can’t seem to force myself to do until the last possible moment before I travel. This trip is no exception; in less than 24-hours I’ll be on a plane headed for the US as my first stint in Sweden comes to a bittersweet (and unexpectedly early) end.

In most instances I’d be perfectly content chalking it up to my procrastinatory tendencies.  I’m sure that’s playing a small role now, too, because let’s face it–old habits die hard (or, you know, never).  But for the sake of full transparency, I will admit–I may or may not be putting off packing this time because I don’t really want to leave.

So, in order to give myself a bit of extra motivation today to get my sh*t together and get packing (while getting prematurely nostalgic and maybe a little wine tipsy), I’ve put together a list of my favorite songs of late, including a true smörgåsbord of Swedish jams (see what I did there?) that I’m going to sorely miss on my Spotify rotation when I’m back in the states.

Hopefully, this playlist can inspire someone out there to pack their little heart out, even when times are tough and saying goodbye is harder than they imagined.

Hopefully, that someone is me.

Ji Nilsson – Heartbreakfree

Sabina Ddumba – Not Too Young

Zara Larsson – Lush Life

Jonas Blue – Fast Car

Danny Saucedo – Dör för dig (Die for you)

Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On

Avicii – Broken Arrows

Miriam Bryant – Allt jag behöver (All I want)

Léon – Tired of Talking

Miriam Bryant – Life Is a Flower

Ida Redig – Du är bäst (You are the best)

Listenbee – Save Me

Miriam Bryant – Ett sista glas (One last glass)

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

Justin Bieber – Sorry

Ps – Who knew I’d finally fall for the Biebs in Sweden?

Does listening to music help you pack?  What are your favoite packing jams?

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