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5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Belgrade

So, you’re traveling to Belgrade, Serbia?  Here are five things I wish I knew before heading there myself.

  • Belgrade, like most big cities in Europe, offers a plethora of free (tip-based) walking tours to help you get acquainted with the city.  They typically meet in Republic Square and are a great way to orient yourself to the city as well as educate yourself about its turbulent past.  Tipping around 5€ is average if you enjoy the tour.
  • The nightlife scene in Belgrade is incredible.  Don’t miss out on the river barges lining the Sava and Danube rivers; there are many different ones to choose from, each with its own unique atmosphere and style of music.
  • Rakia (alternate spelling: rakija) doesn’t have to be terrible.  There are many flavor variations on this traditional Balkan liquor, including raspberry, cherry, or apple.  But remember to drink with caution–the alcohol content is often 50% or higher!
  • You’ll want to know the word for “Cheers!”  It’s “Živeli!” with ž pronounced like the French ‘j’.
  • Belgrade is not the cheapest capital city in Eastern Europe, but you can still find very reasonably-priced food and accommodation.  Meals at sit-down restaurants typically range from $5-10 USD; a sandwich from a shop $2-3; a coffee, $1-1.50.  A hostel dorm bed near the city center may cost anywhere from $12-18.

Have you been to Belgrade?  What tips would you add?Traveling to Belgrade, Serbia? Here are 5 things I wish I knew before visiting myself. Belgrade travel tips!

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  • Reply Marsyly July 24, 2017 at 1:16 am

    The only thing I couldn’t agree with you, as a citizen of Belgrade, is about food and accommodation prices. If you know about good places to buy food you’ll pay for a meal between $2-15, sandwiches $1-5 and for accommodation $10 or more☺
    Greetings from Belgrade!

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