How to Land Your DREAM Remote Job in 5 Simple Steps!
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Land Your Dream Remote Job in 5 Simple Steps

Are you currently in search of your dream remote job? The job that will allow you to live, work, and travel anywhere you please while providing you with the financial security you need?

Do you want to telecommute and work from home so you can break free from the 9 to 5 schedule and structure your days as you please?

You’ve come to the right place!

Your dream remote job is out there, and I’m here to help you prepare for, find, and secure it! Below, I’ll cover all the important steps you need to take to land your dream remote job and why I think FlexJobs is the best and most comprehensive remote job resource out there.How to Land Your DREAM Remote Job in 5 Simple Steps!

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Why Find Your Dream Remote Job?

Remote work is the future–in fact, many believe that 9 to 5 jobs are on their way out altogether. Working from anywhere allows you the freedom to work on a schedule that suits your lifestyle. It allows you the freedom to travel on a whim to near OR faraway destinations. It allows you the freedom to live life on your terms.

More and more companies are hiring fully remote teams, and more and more people are leveraging these opportunities in order to put their own happiness first.

Because I work remotely as a freelancer and blogger, I was able to spend the whole summer in Europe while experiencing everything from surf lessons off the coast of France to solo travel in the digital nomad hub of Berlin to co-living with other remote workers in the Canary Islands. My work came with me wherever I went, and I enjoyed each new city much like a local would.How to Land Your DREAM Remote Job in 5 Simple Steps!

Why should I feel tied to one city when I can work from literally any city in the world?

Remote work can reduce your living expenses (goodbye, pricey commute!), it can lead to better job satisfaction and productivity, it can reduce operating expenses for the company, and it can reduce your environmental impact (did I mention there’s no commute?). It can also allow you to develop the perfect work-life balance and spend more time with the people you love. The health benefits of remote work cannot be understated!

These are just a few of the reasons so many people are choosing a location independent lifestyle, or traveling the world as a digital nomad. Above all, it means taking control of your life.

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Step 1: Get some shiny new skills

If you’ve never worked remotely before, there may be some skill gaps that need to be filled in order for you to become the perfect remote employee. Even if you’re already comfortable with remote work, it never hurts to develop your skillset even further–especially if your dream remote job is a position you’ve never held before.

It’ll be important for your new employer to know you’re comfortable using any and all technology that might be required of you, either for the position itself or for communication between you and your team.

If you can boast experience using communication platforms such as Slack, Asana, Trello, and Skype, you’ll show potential employers you’re up to speed with the modern technology today’s remote companies use to collaborate and stay organized.

How to Land Your DREAM Remote Job in 5 Simple Steps! Dmitry Galaganov/Shutterstock

If you’re not sure which of your skills are strong and which ones need refreshing, FlexJobs offers free professional skills testing in several categories, including computer skills, databases, graphic design, and many others. As a FlexJobs member, your successful test results will appear automatically on your profile to help set you apart from the competition while giving potential employers an objective view of your skills.

To brush up on skills that may need additional attention, consider joining a site like Skillshare. For a small monthly membership fee, you’ll have access to courses on an enormous range of topics, taught by leaders in each field. Skillshare even offers a free 30-day trial period where you’ll have access to all 15,000+ classes–click here to start your free trial.

Alternatively, you can purchase courses on an individual basis on e-learning sites like Udemy. Their courses run the gamut–become an Excel expert, learn digital marketing, tackle SEO, or study graphic design.

Step 2: Touch up your resume

If it’s been awhile since you’ve applied for a new job, your resume is going to need some updating. Add any new relevant experience that might help you secure your dream remote job, and modernize it to fit the times.

For example, stating your objective on your resume has become a thing of the past–pretty much all job-seekers have the same objective, after all. And as for references, well, every potential employer will assume those are available should you make it as far as the interview, so adding “References available upon request” has become superfluous, too.

In fact, there are many once-common phrases which should generally be avoided unless you want your resume to end up in the trash bin; see the full list here and avoid these faux-pas.

How to Land Your DREAM Remote Job in 5 Simple Steps! Sergiodiaz53/Shutterstock

As a remote worker, there are some key characteristics employers will be looking for which you’ll want to be sure to include on your resume.

When you work from home, from another time zone, or from the other side of the world, you’ll have no boss looking over your shoulder. This means you’ll need to be disciplined and self-motivated. You’ll need excellent communication skills. You’ll need to be an expert in time management.

Read more about the skills remote workers should have on their resumes or check out a few real-life examples of resumes for remote jobs.

Step 3: Begin your search

There are many places to begin searching for your dream remote job, and while there are plenty of free resources out there, joining a membership site like FlexJobs offers several advantages.

First and foremost, you’ll always know that job listings on FlexJobs are legitimate–each and every position is carefully screened, professional, and guaranteed to be current.

You’ll waste less time sorting through the scams and the old listings and more time communicating with potential employers about real opportunities. And FlexJobs has them in spades–their database offers over 32,000 positions around the world in 55 categories including everything from engineering to fashion to mortgage and real estate.

FlexJobs, as the name suggests, offers more than just remote work. There are telecommuting jobs for those who want to work from home or travel the world full-time, there are part-time jobs, and there are flexible jobs which allow workers to telecommute part of the time. FlexJobs also lists freelancing and consulting opportunities. Whatever your ideal flexible work scenario is, FlexJobs has it.

Whatever your ideal flexible work scenario is, FlexJobs has it.

FlexJobs also stays current on the best companies to work remotely for and regularly updates their list of the Top 100 Companies Offering Remote Jobs.

They’ll also let you in on which companies offer unlimited vacation time, which ones have the best maternity leave policies, who’s offering the highest pay, and which companies are the most LGBTQ-friendly.

And as mentioned above, as a FlexJobs member, you’ll have access to more than 170 job-related skills tests in 30 categories. Your best skills are automatically displayed on your profile for potential employers to see, and only you’ll know which ones need brushing up.

If you’re looking for guidance as a new freelancer or tips for optimizing your home office, FlexJobs has those, too.

With such a staggering amount of resources and support materials for remote job seekers, FlexJobs is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The membership fee of $14.95 per month–the price of lunch at a restaurant–is a small price to pay for finding the remote job of your dreams. For longer memberships (ideal for freelancers) the price starts to drop.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. A 3-month subscription helped me gain a six-figure salary.”

—Tyranita I. from Garner, North Carolina, found a job as a business development director with Sodexo

If paying for a membership still doesn’t appeal to you, start your job search on one of these sites and see the difference for yourself.

Step 4: Apply for your dream remote job

When you find the remote job of your dreams on FlexJobs, the application process will be simple and straightforward. They’ve already done the legwork of finding the easiest way for you to apply, which is typically through the employer’s own website (though not always).

This is where your snazzy new resume, references, and interview prep will come in handy. Preparing for a remote job interview might be different from how you’d prepare for an in-person interview. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what the employer is looking for in a remote employee and what questions they might ask you.

How to Land Your DREAM Remote Job in 5 Simple Steps!GaudiLab/Shutterstock

If you’re unable to determine this information from your preliminary research of the company, have your own list of questions ready. Be sure to ask what their remote work policies are and how you will be expected to communicate. Furthermore, how will they evaluate your success as a remote employee?

Oh, and here are some questions you definitely shouldn’t ask during an interview.

Step 5: Prosper in your new remote job

Once you’ve made it through the application and interview process and have begun your brand new dream remote job, all that’s left to do is…make sure you keep it!

As a remote worker, this is sometimes easier said than done. You’ll face many new challenges when you work remotely, and things become even more complicated if you decide to travel or move abroad.

One of the toughest things about working from home? Convincing your friends and loved ones that your job is still real.

Funny as it may sound, I can vouch for this from experience. When you work from home, it can be all too easy for friends and family to assume you have all the free time in the world. You have to be firm when it comes to setting boundaries and make sure they know that when you say you have to work, you mean it.

Sometimes you may want to work on the weekends or in the evenings–why not take advantage of your newfound flexibility, after all? However, be forewarned that those around you won’t always understand.

A few things that might help:

  • Create a dedicated office space that is off-limits to others
  • Work during typical office hours so you can share a schedule with those you live with
  • Wear headphones to signal to others that you do not want to be disturbed
  • Move to a shared office space or a nearby coffee shop instead of working at home

Once you’ve overcome this battle, you’ll need to motivate yourself and stay on task.

How to Land Your DREAM Remote Job in 5 Simple Steps!g-stockstudio/Shutterstock

Productivity tips for the remote worker:

  • Get up at the same time every day
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Take breaks often and do something active during each one
  • Get dressed! Don’t laze around all day without taking a shower
  • Plan to have lunch with another human being during the day
  • Wear noise-cancelling headphones (with no music playing) if you are easily distracted by noise
  • Give yourself deadlines and due dates for every project

Productivity is a challenge for every remote worker, so don’t get discouraged if you spend too much time procrastinating in the beginning. It may take some time to figure out what best motivates you!

If you can overcome the major challenges of working from home or living the digital nomad lifestyle, you’ll find remote work to be the most freeing thing you’ll ever do. Good luck!

Finding your dream remote job is just one path to a location independent lifestyle. Learn the other two in chapter 5 of my ebook, my free gift to you, and discover which one is the best fit for you. 

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  • Reply Allison May 12, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    These are great tips! I found my remote job on Indeed. People definitely shouldn’t rule out traditional job search engines either!

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    Great article and really breaks down all the aspects of working remotely. I agree that remote jobs are the future and with the world shrinking so fast and internet speeds increasing it only becomes easier day by day. FlexJobs looks like a great site and I like all their listing are checked beforehand. Especially loved the tip of having a designated space that is off limits for the rest.

    • Reply Leah Davis July 26, 2017 at 12:51 pm

      Hey thanks Mike! I love to see remote work growing as a global trend 🙂

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    I wish I’d known of that site back when I quit my last office job! Some great tips here.

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