Save More to Travel More: The Budget Minded Travel Blueprint Course can help you start traveling the world.
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Save More to Travel More: The Budget Minded Traveler Blueprint

Do you want to travel more but don’t know where to start? Are you convinced that travel is too expensive, reserved only for the wealthy elite? Do you feel lost when trying to save money, as though your best efforts are never good enough?

Then have I got news for YOU!

You can travel, too.

Yes, you, who doesn’t even have a passport or hasn’t been out of the country since your family’s last camping trip to Canada.

Yes, you, who works a full-time job and can never seem to save for travel because life is already so expensive.

Yes, you, who has responsibilities that feel as though they tie you down, like caring for your home or a pet.

Yes, YOU, who craves adventure and life-changing experiences, who delights in meeting new people, who relishes the exotic and covets a good challenge.

But it’s no good for seasoned travelers to simply tell you this, we have to SHOW you how it can be done. And this is where my good friend Jackie and her course, The Budget Minded Traveler Blueprint, come in.

Please note: I am an affiliate for this course and will earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you! Thank you for supporting The Sweetest Way and The Budget Minded Traveler.

The Budget Minded Traveler Blueprint

Jackie Nourse, traveler extraordinaire and the blogger and podcaster behind and, has created this comprehensive course that lays the groundwork for the new traveler’s first forays into the world.

Jackie will teach you what you need to know to become a pro traveler even if you’re starting from ground zero, covering everything from getting your very first passport, to finding cheap and free accommodation around the world, to handling your money overseas, to packing like a freakin’ ninja.

Engaging video content, thoroughly researched and easy-to-follow chapters, abundant links to external resources, and oft-hilarious personal anecdotes from Jackie’s own travels will have you zipping from chapter to chapter and smiling the whole way through.

It may be called a “course” and Jackie does encourage note-taking and action steps, but I promise you one thing: this program will NOT feel like work.

At the end of each section, you’ll get to hear Jackie’s favorite travel stories, always with a lesson woven in. I loved learning how traveling to Costa Rica as a teenager changed her life forever, how she managed to get her very first passport stamp from her OWN country, and how she scored FREE accommodation in Munich…during Oktoberfest!

Who’s this course for?

While I definitely recommend this course most strongly for new travelers, there is plenty of useful info for seasoned travelers, too.

I learned the new rules about passports (handy since my boyfriend needs a renewal soon, and I will in a few years), Jackie shares her best packing tips (when it comes to packing light, this girl knows her stuff–she flies carry-on only ALWAYS–plus, she’s also a digital nomad and shares a list of tech essentials for working from the road) and she shares fun travel hacks I’d never heard of before (like how to lock a zipper using a safety pin).

Throughout the video modules, Jackie encourages you to trust yourself. Ultimately, the experiences you have are yours to create and will be completely unique to you. Go with your heart!

By the end of this course, I have no doubt that Jackie will feel like an old friend and you’ll be MORE than prepared for your next overseas adventure.Save More to Travel More: The Budget Minded Travel Blueprint Course can help you start traveling the world.

In addition to the 54 chapters of course material, you’ll join Jackie’s own Facebook group, The Budget Minded Traveler Community–nearly 4,000 members and counting, and loaded with resources and potential travel buddies. Get and share travel advice and connect with others like you.

The Bottom Line

This course comes at a mega deal of a price–just $59 will take you from zero to hero (with a 30-day money back guarantee).

Early Sign-Up Incentive

Plus, Jackie is offering an extra incentive for signing up early.

Anyone who enrolls before June 30th will be automatically entered to win one of 10 one-on-one Skype sessions with Jackie, aka an opportunity to ask her ANY questions you may have about travel or the travel planning process.The Budget Minded Travel Blueprint Course

User Testimonials

“Jackie’s course brings all the information you need to get ready for international travel – on a budget – into one easy to navigate resource. You’ll love the Story Time videos where she shares personal anecdotes related to each section and the lists of recommended resources and products. In the course, she covers passport and visa basics and finding flights and accommodations. Plus tips on finances, cell phones, and choosing luggage, as well as health and safety tips. Some of the best advice she gives is how to successfully align your every day spending with your desire to travel. It’s all about priorities! You get all of this and more in her fully comprehensive course. No detail has been left out.

Brittany Q

“I was legitimately blown away by the course. It is truly packed full of knowledge and tips that even the most experienced traveler would learn from. I actually tried my best to pick holes in it and I really couldn’t. There are so many things in there that had I known when I first started traveling, I would have saved myself a small fortune.”

Austin P.

Stop dreaming about traveling the world–GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!

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